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Copyright © 2023. Last modified: 2023-02-13. Version 1.3.16-MassIVE.
All coverage information is provided by the MassIVE-KB libraries and user libraries from MassIVE datasets and reanalyses. All information about proteins, including description, gene names, and annotated sites is provided by Uniprot and PhosphoSitePlus. Information about PE is from the latest release of neXtprot.
This coverage map superimposes sequence level expression for the protein with functional information from Uniprot and PhosphositePlus. Hover over amino acids for more information about metadata and click on individual amino acids to filter the view to just peptides covering that amino acid.
PSMs selected to best characterize a modified peptide at a given precursor charge out of the set of all PSMs which pass the FDR for each library.
PSMs that pass library FDR for each precursor.