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Partial Public PXD010976

Mass-spectrometry based proteomics reveals a regulatory role for DYRK1A in DNA double-strand break repair


This data set contains RAW, and related result files from immunopurification mass-spectrometry experiments run on Orbitrap Lumos instruments from Thermo Fisher. Each biological replicate was done from either HeLa S3, cytoplasm, nuclear extract, or chromatin bound fraction using either DYRK1A or RNF169 as a bait. RAW files are labelled by replicate, cellular fraction, antibody that was used for each DYRK1A immunopurification and date. [dataset license: CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0)]

Keywords: DYRK1A ; IPMS ; RNF169 ; Interactome ; Subcellular


Principal Investigators: William Old, University of Colorado Boulder, United States
Submitting User: steveguard22
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