MassIVE.quant is an extension of the Mass Spectrometry Interactive Virtual Environment (MassIVE) to provide the opportunity for large-scale deposition of data from quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomic experiments. MassIVE.quant is compatible with all mass spectrometry data acquisition types and all computational analysis tools. For each dataset, MassIVE.quant systematically stores the raw experimental data, the annotations of the experimental design, the scripts (or descriptions) of every step of the quantitative analysis workflow, and the intermediate input and output files. A branch structure enables MassIVE.quant to store and view alternative reanalyses of the same dataset with various combinations of methods and tools in a way which allows the user to inspect, reproduce or modify any component of the workflow, beginning with well-defined intermediate files. MassIVE.quant supports infrastructure to fully automate a analysis workflow, or to store, and to browse the intermediate results.

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MassIVE.quant team: MassIVE.quant was developed with major contributions from Meena Choi, Ben Pullman, Jeremy Carver, Olga Vitek and Nuno Bandeira, and with valuable contributions of data, results and insights from the quantitative mass spectrometry community.

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